Mary Ann is from Peoria, IL originally.  She spent 30 years of her life there before moving to the Chicago area.  25 of her years in Peoria were spent doing music, theatre and dance.  She performed in local theatre as well as summer stock, and a dinner theatre.

She began to write at a very early age but the writer was a very private part of her and something she never spoke about.  She transported her writings with her from place to place and would just file them away.  After divorcing in 1989, Mary Ann got her Master's Degree and along with her private practice, which she began in 1986, she was facilitating a Binge/Compulsive Eaterís Group.  In 1993-4, at one of meetings, she met a writer who encouraged her to publish her writings. 

She diligently typed these writings for a period of time and then she would put them aside.  At that point in her life, her mother was living in a retirement home in Peoria and Mary Ann would go to visit her and perform various musical programs for the residents at which time she decided to record the programs she had put together.

A friendís son had attended St Bede High School in Peru, IL and introduced her to a monk at the monastery who was the head of the music department there which led to her recording 6 CDĒs there from 2001-2007.  The CDís include sacred songs, musical comedy, old standards, Christmas and wedding music.  (If you would like to hear sound bytes from any of Mary Annís CDís, please visit )

In March of 2006, Mary Ann was singing for a service at a local church and she and the accompanist began to talk.  Mary Ann realized this was a person she needed to hire to work in her office.  Shortly after Julie began to work for Mary Ann, she brought up her writings and asked Julie if she had ever done any editing.  The reply was no, but letís try it!  And so began an twelve-year-long journey which has culminated in completion of six of the seven books in the
 Putting the Pieces Together series.