"Books are like music...you have to be drawn to them and they have to speak to you.

May those who find relevance in my writings be drawn to them like a moth to a flame and bring others to feast."
Mary Ann Fosco



The title of this series of books which I have written starting back in 1964, is Putting The Pieces Together. 

These books are a collection of poems, memoirs, spiritual writings, a deja vu experience in Spain, soul writings and short stories that I have written at various times in my life pertaining to my relationships, my journey of personal growth & self-healing, & my relationship with my God.

The books are about my search for self, and my survival of emotional, verbal and psychological abuse. In my life experiences, when the relationships didn't turn out the way I would have liked, I have tried to view their presence in my life as a gift, even though the outcome may have been bittersweet. Some portions of my memoirs involve my relationship with food including my 20-year struggle with bingeing and dieting. The struggle ended once I fully realized that the pain of staying the same was greater than the pain of change.

I am striving for universality in my eclectic approach to writing, teaching and lecturing. I believe all persons, ethnic groups, religions, cultures and countries, have something of value to contribute to our lives. I am not here to sway you from your belief system, your personal philosophy or your lifestyle. I invite you to search your heart with an open mind in order to take from these books what speaks to you. 

These writings are most importantly about my determination to rise above, be the best I can be & realize my full potential. I hope that you can put any need to criticize or find fault with yourself or others aside, be non-judgmental, and just open up to the possibility of seeing your life, your choices and your opportunities in a way that you have never viewed them before.

May you find some insights that might be beneficial to your personal journey back to wholeness and happiness in 
Putting The Pieces Together.


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