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I. Poetry

This was my attempt to deal with pain and loss in a society that, through no fault of their own, tends not to know how to grieve, nor heal the pain of loss of any kind, especially the loss of a relationship.

What most of us do is to replace the loss versus deal with the grief inflicted upon some of us at an early age. I wrote poetry to express my feelings, my thoughts, and my unexpressed communication to those I loved and lost. Maybe my words will give voice to your unexpressed loss, deep grief and unresolved issues due to the pain from loss of those you held most dear to your heart.

My hope is for you to find comfort in knowing that you are not broken and you don’t need to be fixed. Your grief, sadness and pain is natural and normal and that my experiences expressed in poetry may help you know that you are not alone.

May you be willing to do your own Grief Recovery work to heal whatever losses are unfinished for you.

May you heal your pain so that you can leave behind the baggage that holds you back from a full, complete and loving relationship or life.