My Spiritual Writings



III. My Spiritual Writings

In 1988 when I began my Spiritual Writings, it was a result of my dear friend Sherry teaching me how to read the bible, which as a Catholic, I was not raised to do. First thing in the morning, I would read the bible, meditate and then pick up my pen and begin to write as if from a higher consciousness. I found it to be very self-soothing and nurturing as if I had a direct line of communication with my God.

During this period in 1988, I was going through a very difficult time in my marriage. After I had made the decision to leave, I wrote February 14th, 1989, "that God never puts us in the situations we find ourselves in as the victim. God lets us know when it is time to leave a situation or when we are off course. He gives us open doors if we will but walk in faith versus taking the opportunity that looks like security, but is a false sense of security."

"Fear leads us to playing it safe and repeating history. Faith leads us to following a new, blessed path unlike the one we’ve been traveling."

“If you always do what you've always done, you’ll always get what you've always got.” -Anonymous

"Fears road is predictable. God’s road is not because we have to walk into the unknown with faith. With fear, we keep walking down the same old worn road believing this time our way will work.  Life is a daily, hourly, moment to moment decision to choose “life or death”, “faith or fear”…  God gave us a free will, the choice is ours."

Once I made my choice to leave the marriage, I found solace and comfort in these spiritual writings throughout the nearly yearlong divorce. I hope you also find some comfort as I share with you my Spiritual Writings, which years later, seem timeless and universal.